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Accurate (HK) Mould Technology Limited
ACC Mould is a professional ISO9001 certificated mould making manufacturer in China, and has been in this business over 10 years.
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Mould Manufacturers
Location: Shenzhen | GuangDong | China
ADA Mould Technology Co., Ltd.
ADA Mould is specialized in medium and high level mold making, plastic in jection molding, rubber molding and die casting with low price on the oversea market
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Tool Makers
Location: Shenzhen | GuangDong | China
AE Mould Products Limited
plastic mold,plastic products.metal mold;die cast mold,stamping mold,products
Catagory: Injection Moulds | New Moulds
Location: Shenzhen | GuangDong | China
Asiacmold engineering company limited
Asiacmold is one of the leading mould manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, which has over 20 years rich experience in this field.Our injection plastic moulds and moulding parts are exported to all over the world markets every year.
Catagory: Injection Molds | Mold Manufacturers
Location: Shenzhen | Guang Dong | China
China Mold Sourcing co.,Ltd
injection mold,plastic parts,metal parts,stamping,casting
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Mould Manufacturers
Location: Shenzhen | Guang Dong | China
Dongguan Yufang Steel Co.,Ltd
We are one of the biggest and professional mould steel factory and trading company. We specialize in plastic mould steel, hot work mould steel, cold work mould steel alloy steel and carbon structural steel for exporting over 30 countries now.
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Mould Steel
Location: Chang an, Dongguan | GuangDong | China
Foshanlvbao Nature Decoration Material Co.,ltd
main product: plastic goods,pc sheet,sun sheet,polycarbonate sheet
Catagory: Plastic Finishing | Plastic Finishing Companies
Location: Foshan | GuangDong | China
high quality Low cost mould manufacturing Products engineering
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Mould Manufacturers
Location: Shenzhen | GuangDong | China
Hitrust(Suzhou) co.,Ltd
Hitrust (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. have 9 years of polycarbonate sheets manufacturing,have 80 employees at the present.Our products exported to all over the world.
Catagory: Plastic Extrusion | Sheet Extrusion
Location: Suzhou | Suzhou | China
Honyien Plastics Company, Inc.
Specialising in custom vacuum forming, both thick and thin gauge plastic thermoforming; reliable supplier of plastic sheets, including ABS, HIPS, PP, PE, ABS Double-Color Sheet, ABS/PMMA, PC/ABS.
Catagory: Plastic Thermoforming | Plastic Thermoforming Companies
Location: Foshan | GuangDong | China

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