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Abbeon, publisher of PlasticWorking catalog, has been providing industrial tools and precision instruments to businesses since 1946.
Catagory: Plastic Finishing | Plastic Welding
Location: Santa Barbara | California | United States of America
Accusonics, Inc.
We manufacture ultrasonic horns and fixtures for ultrasonic welders.
Catagory: Plastic Finishing | Plastic Welding
Location: Darien | Illinois | United States of America
Birch Plastics, Inc.
We recycle and pelletize both commodity and engineering grade resins. We also sell virgin commodity and engineering grades resins.
Catagory: Plastic Materials | Engineering Plastics
Location: Houston | Texas | United States of America
Budzar Industries
Budzar Industries has specialized in process fluid heat transfer systems since 1975. As a result, Budzar has earned a global reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems.
Catagory: Plastic Machinery Ancilleries | Machine Chillers
Location: Willoughby | Ohio | United States of America
Bushman AvonTec
Bushman AvonTec builds mold changing equipment including mold carts, mold staging tables and storage racks, mechanical and hydraulic upenders, lift tables, work platforms, inverters, mold & die tow carts, test stands and other special purpose devices
Catagory: Injection Moulds | Tool Makers
Location: Menomonee Falls | Wisconsin | United States of America
Chemir Analytical Services
Chemir provides customized chemical analysis for non-routine problems to the plastic and polymer industries.
Catagory: Plastics Consultants | Polymer Testing
Location: St. Louis | Missouri | United States of America
CMSolutions, LLC
Sourcing manufacturing of injection molds as well as plastic, metal, and electronic parts and assemblies. Sourcing individual components as well as full turnkey assembly.
Catagory: Injection Molds | Mold Manufacturers
Location: Palo Alto | California | United States of America
Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.
C.I.N.E. provides plastic finishing services including cryogenic deflashing, dry ice blast deflashing and finishing equipment for manufacturers who want to bring these processes in-house.
Catagory: Plastic Finishing | Plastic Finishing Companies
Location: Worcester | Massachusetts | United States of America
Custom Polymers, Inc.
Post Industrial & Post Consumer, Excellent Credit, Specialized Recycling Programs, Dedicated Logistics Department,Washing, Grinding and Pelletizing Facilities Multi-Lingual, Worldwide Service Buying/Selling: All Types and Forms of Plastic Scrap
Catagory: Plastic Recycling | Plastic Recycling Companies
Location: Charlotte | North Carolina | United States of America
D.R. Joseph, Inc.
D.R. Joseph, Inc. is a leading supplier of Internal Bubble Cooling control systems, seal-cut sealing machines, sizing cages, and other related blown equipment.
Catagory: Plastic Machinery | Film Blowing Equipment
Location: Grand Prairie | Texas | United States of America

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