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Injection Molding Machines

We represent one of the largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines in the world that has a production capacity of 12,000 machines per year.
All machines are competitively priced and manufactured in China. The factory is located in the Guangdong Province of China and is more than 56,000 square meters in size. Current fixed assets for the company are over one hundred million RMB which enable the company to provide top class quality and service to the plastics industry. We have machines available in the standard range from 80 tons to 2600 tons and shot weights from 120 grams to 19,314 grams, however if you need something larger or smaller we are able to produce what you require. All machines are equipped with an advanced multi-language controller with languages such as English and Chinese supported as standard. All machines are CE marked and the company has also been accredited with the ISO9001 Standard. A quality control system is a solid warranty of all machines that are manufactured. Apart from possessing all kinds of commonly used gauging and testing equipment, our manufacturer is also equipped with international standard mould clamping force testing instruments which is exclusively used for plastic injection moulding machines. Passing the clamping force test is mandatory before each machine is delivered from the factory.

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